Classified Products


A comprehensive guide to the range of automotive and allied components manufactured and distributed, services and products available in South Africa and internationally. Details of the NAACAM member companies listed in this classified section are cross-referenced with the alphabetical section of the Membership Register.


Accountants & Auditors
Adaptor Plates
Air Bags
Air Brake Systems/Components
Air Cleaner Assemblies
Air Ducting
Airconditioning/Climatic Control Systems/Lines
Aluminium (see Raw Materials)
Aluminium Brackets (see Brackets)
Aluminium Products
Anchor Pins
Armrests/Armrest Assembly
Automotive Carpets
Automotive Fasteners/Fastening Systems
Automotive Glass
Automotive Sliding Windows
Automotive Wires & Cables (Electrical)
Badges/Chevrons/Emblems/Graphics/3-D Trim
Banks & Financial Institutions
Belt Drives (see Pulleys/Belt Drives/Components)
Bin Liners (see Loadbins/Linings)
Blow Moulded Components (see Plastics)
Body-In-White Tooling (see Tool & Die Makers)
Brakes/Braking Systems/Components
Brass Fittings/Components
Bullbars/Roll Bars/Brackets/Nudgebars/Bushbars
Bushbars (see Bullbars/Roll Bars/Brackets/Nudgebars/Bushbars)
Bushes - Small End
Business Services/Solutions
- Automotive Supplier Park
- B-BBEE Verification/Consulting/Training/Solutions
- Bar Coding/RFID
- Business Incubation
- Carbon Advisory
- Customs Clearing/Forwarding
- Customs Duty Audits & Consulting
- Debtor Finance/Financial Solutions
- Energy Efficiency and Strategy
- Freight Services
- Government Capex Incentives
- Healthcare/Insurance
- Import & Export Training
- Information Systems/Technology
- IRCC/PRCC Exchange
- JIT/JIS Production Software
- Logistics
- Market Research & Management Consulting
- Measurement and Verification
- MIDP/APDP Claims & Duty Refunds
- Operational Excellence
- Production Process Security Software
- Project/Productivity Management
- Recruitment & Replacement
- Research & Development
- Resource Efficiency and Strategy
- Risk Management/Foreign Exchange
- Road & Rail Transport
- Skills Development/Training/Incentives
- Software
- Supply Chain Development/Management
- Toolmaking Association

Cable Ties/Clips/Fasteners/Harness Protection & Insulation
Cams - Belts/Covers/Rollers
Canopies/Trim Parts/Rubber Seals
Caps - Distributor/Locking Fuel Tank/Radiator Pressure
Car Care Products/Chemicals
Carpets (see Automotive Carpets)
Castings & Forgings
Catalytic Converters/Components
Certification - Sub-Contractor Audits
Chassis/Chassis Assemblies
Check Straps
Chemicals (see Raw Materials0
Chevrons (see Badges/Chevrons/Emblems/Graphics/3-D Trim)
Clamps - Hose Clamps (see Pipes/Hoses/Pipe Bending/Hose Clamps/Pipe Assemblies)
Clutch Cables (see Cables)
Clutches & Components
Coatings - Specialised/Protective
Cockpit/Module Assemblies
Compressor Brackets (see Brackets)
Contact Sets
Control Arms
Coolers (see Engine Cooling)
Corrosion Protection (see Coatings - Specialised/Protective)
Cotter Tensioners
Covers - Seat (see Seats)
Covers - Timing Chain (see Timing Chain/Components)
Cross Members
Cylinder Blocks/Heads/Covers
Dashboards/Instrument Panel Braces
Diesel Fuel Injectors (also see Fuel Systems/Pumps/Carburettor Kits)
Door Handles/Hinges/Mechanisms
Doors - Locks/Components (see Locking Mechanisms)
Doors (see Panels)
Drive Shafts & Components
Drivetrain Components
E-Coatings (also see Coatings - Specialised/Protective)
Electro-Phoretic Painting
Electro-Plating (also see Coatings - Specialised/Protective)
Electronics - Security (see Vehicle Security)
Electronics (incorporating Body/Comfort/Control/Telemetry/Data Loggers/Drivetrain/Engine Management/Instrument Clusters/GSM)
Emissions Control Systems
- Additives
- Beams
- Components
- Mountings
- Under Covers
Engine Cooling/Lines
- CNC Machining/CMM Measuring
- Common Rail Diesel Technology
- Crimping Tools & Presses
- Fixturing & Tooling
- Heat & Surface Treatment
- Laser Cutting
- Laser Welding
- Machining
- Metal Pressings/Stampings/Treatment
- Precision Machining/Manufacturing
- Presses/Press Tools/Fixtures
- Production Machining
- Profile Rolling
- Research, Design & Development
- Sub-Assemblies
- Testing Instruments/Systems
- Welding
- Wire Spark Eroding/Wire Cutting
Engineering Services
- Assembly Lines/Automation of Engineering Processes/Machinery Manufacture & Supply
- Automotive Component Design
- Metallurgical Facility
- Prototyping
- Research, Design & Development (see Engineering - Research, Design & Development)
Exhaust Systems & Components
Exterior Trim Components (also see other Trim listings)
Fasteners/Fastening Systems (see Automotive Fasteners/Fastening Systems)
Fenders (see Panels)
Fifth Wheel Components
Filters/Filter Systems
Filtration - Bulk
Flanges (see Exhaust Systems & Components)
Foam Filled Parts (also see Raw Materials - Foam)
Front End/Module Assemblies
Fuel Filters (see Filters)
Fuel Systems/Pumps/Carburettor Kits
Fuel Tanks
Gas Lifts
Gauges - Tyre Pressure (see Tyre Pressure Gauges/Valves/Related Parts)
Gearbox Components/Housings/Selector Shafts
Glove Boxes
Graphics /3-D Trim (see Badges/Chevrons/Emblems/Graphics/3-D Trim)
Grilles & Grille Guards
GSM Based Systems (see Electronics)
Gudgeons & Gudgeon Pins (see Pistons & Piston Assemblies)
Harnesses (see Wiring Harnesses)
Headlamps (see Lighting)
Headrests - Conventional/Pour-In-Place
Heat Exchangers/Casings
Heat Shields
Hinges (also see Door Hinges/Mechanisms)
Hoses (see Pipes/Hoses/Pipe Bending/Hose Clamps/Pipe Assemblies)
HVAC Systems
Hydraulic Hose/Fittings (also see Pipes/Hoses/Pipe Bending/ Hose Clamps/Pipe Assemblies)
Ignition - Cables (see Cables)
Ignition - Coils/Contact Sets/Leads/Wires
Injection Moulded Parts (see Plastics - Pressed/Injection Moulded Parts/Components)
Intake Pipes/Ducts
Intake/Inlet Manifolds (see Manifolds)
Interior Trim Components/Assembly
J Bolts
Jacks - Scissors/Cantilever/Dome
Kingpins/Link Pins/Idler & Pitman Arms
Kromex Badging Technologies
- Cut And Sew Components/Leather Parts/Sewn Covers
- Jack & Toolkit Bags
- Spare Wheel Covers/Tonneau Covers
- Upholstery/Trim/Trim Components
Licence Disc Holders
- Roof/Head
- Wheel Arch
Locking Mechanisms - Door/Hood/Trunk Lid/Canopy
- Exhaust
- Intake/Inlet

Marking/Marking Equipment
Mats/Overlay Mats - Rubber/Plastic/Other
Metrology – 3-D Measurement
Mirrors - Interior/Exterior
Motor Oils/Lubricants
- Electric Blower/Fan/Wiper/Sundry
- Starter/Components
Moulded Insulation Components/Panels
Mouldings - Body Side/Door Panel/PU/Polypropylene
Mud Flaps/Stone Guards
Nudgebars (see Bullbars/Roll Bars/Brackets/Nudgebars/Bushbars)
Number Plate Holders/Panels
Nuts & Bolts (see Automotive Fasteners/Fastening Systems)
Oil Seals
- Body/Skin
- Inner Door Module Systems
- Interior Door/Roof
- Rocker (see Structural Body Components)
Parcel Shelves/Trays
Pedal Boxes
Pedal Pads
Pipes/Hoses/Pipe Bending/Hose Clamps/Pipe Assemblies
Pistons & Piston Assemblies
- Liners/Sleeves
- Rings/Ring Sets
- Air Guides/Mechatronic Components
- Blow Moulded Products
- Housings/Plugs
- Injection Moulded Tooling (see Tool & Die Makers)
- Mats (see Mats/Overlay Mats - Rubber/Plastic/Other)
- Painted Parts
- Plated Parts
- Pressed/Injection Moulded Parts/Components/Colour Form Mouldings
- Trim Components (see Leather/Plastic/Vinyl - Upholstery/Trim/Trim Components)
- Vacuum Forming (see Vacuum Formed Products/Asemblies)
- Vinyl (see Raw Materials)
- Water Management Systems
Post Covers/Trim
Powder Coating (see Coatings - Specialised/Protective) 
Pressed Metal Parts
- Aluminium/Alu Steel
- Carbon Steel
- Coining
- Copper/Brass
- Deep Drawing
- General
- Other (Non Ferrous)
- Springsteel
- Stainless Steel
- Steel
- Tooling (see Tool & Die Makers)
Propshafts/Propshaft Assemblies/Components
PU Parts - Metal Reinforced
Pulleys/Belt Drives/Components
- Expansion Tanks/Reservoir Bottles/Overflow Bottles
- Gaskets/Seals
- Hoses (see Pipes/Hoses/Pipe Bending/Hose Clamps/Pipe Assemblies)
- Passenger/Commercial Vehicles (Also See Engine Cooling)
- Radiator/Condenser Components
Railblocks (see Roll Linings/Railblocks)
Raw Materials
- Copper Alloys
- Foam
- Plastic
- Stainless Steel
- Steel
- Urethane
Regulators/Voltage Regulators
Robot Welding Cells
Robotic Spot/CO2 Welding
Roll Bars/Roll Bar Brackets (see Bullbars/Roll Bars/Brackets/Nudgebars/Bushbars)
Roll Linings/Railblocks
- Extruded Products
- Mats (see Mats/Overlay Mats - Rubber/Plastic/Other)
- Moulded Products/Rubber To Metal Parts
- Seals for Windows/Doors
- Static/Dynamic Body Opening/Window Guiding Seals
- Synthetics

Safety Belts/Components
Sealants/Gasket Sealants
- Backings/Plates
- Components
- Covers (see Leather/Plastic/Vinyl)
- Fabric for Seats/Trim Parts (see Leather/Plastic/Vinyl)
- Frames/Assemblies
- Height Adjusters/Components
- Leather Cut Parts (see Leather/Plastic/Vinyl)
- Pads And Squabs
- Recliner Mechanisms/Recliners/Slides/Pans
- Static/Mechanical/Air Suspension
- Systems
- Trimmings (see Leather/Plastic/Vinyl)
- Vehicle Sets
Shackle Pins/Bushes
Shock Absorbers (also see Gas Lifts)
Side Steps/Rear Steps
Sintered Metal Components
Sleeves (see Pistons & Piston Assemblies)
Sound Deadeners/Insulators
Spark Plugs/Glow Plugs
Spline Shafts
Springsteel (see Raw Materials)
Stabilisers/Torsion Bars
Stainless Steel (see Raw Materials)
Stainless Steel - Parts (see Pressed Metal Parts)
- Castings & Forgings (see Castings & Forgings)
- Pressings
- Raw Materials (see Raw Materials)
- Specialist/Blanks/Pipes/Slit Strip/Tubing
- Steel Sheet/Primary Products/Structural
- Components
- Knuckles/Wheel Carriers
- Power Steering Equipment/Components/Rack & Pinion
- Steering Wheels/Allied Components
Stone Guards (see Mud Flaps/Stone Guards)
Stone Protection Coatings (see Coatings - Specialised/Protective)
Storage And Packaging
- Materials Handling/Equipment
- Collapsible/Reusable/Containerisation/Customised/Dunnage/Line Supply/Pallets & Covers/Warehousing/Distribution)
Structural Body Components
Strut Assemblies
Struts & Strut Cartridges
Suspension Units/ Components/ Assembly
Switches - Fan/Ignition/Oil Pressure/Reverse/Stop Light/Temperature
Tie Rods/Tie Rod Ends
Timing Chains/Components 
Tool & Die Makers
- Aluminium Pressing
- Body-In-White
- Fine Blanking
- Metal Casting
- Metal Pressing
- Plastic Injection Moulding
Tools - Wheel Wrenches (see Wheels - Wheel Wrenches)
Torsion Bars (see Stabilisers/Torsion Bars)
Tow bars/Tow Hooks/Towing Accessories
Tube Manufacture
Tyre Pressure Gauges/Valves/Related Parts
Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems
Tyres/Retread Manufacturing
Undershields/Covers - Plastic/Other
Vacuum Formed Products/Assemblies
Valve Guides
Valves/Valve Seat Inserts
Vehicle Security (also see Electronics)
- Bonnet Lock System
- Gearlocks
- Immobilisers
Ventilation Systems
Voltage Regulators (see Regulators)
Water Pumps/Inlet Manifolds (see Manifolds - Intake/Inlet)
Welded Assemblies
- Aluminium Alloy
- Bearings (see Bearings)
- Covers/Caps
- Hubs/Spindles/Studs
- Steel - Passenger/LCV/Trailer
- Wheel Wrenches
Window Regulators/Winders
Windscreen Washer Bottles (also see Vacuum Formed Products/Assemblies)
Wipers - Arms/Blades/Linkages
Wiring Harnesses